FEBRUARY 8, 2020 : Self Study Registration 4 Hour Simulated Written Exam 1


Self Study Registration

  • 4 Hour Simulated Written Exam 1
  • With Grading Assessment & Analysis

February 8, 2020


4 Hour Simulated Written Examination Session 1 February 8, 2020
Even if you decide to “fly solo” we still offer you the opportunity to take the same 4 hour Simulated Written Examinations that are part of the full online comprehensive classes program.

  • Your knowledge of the applicable U.S. Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure, Federal Taxation, Federal Rules of Evidence and American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct alone may not lead to success on the written examination administered by U.S. Tax Court if you are not physically prepared to meet the challenges of critically thinking and writing for the duration of the 4-hour handwritten examination.
  • Many examination candidates do not pass the written examination administered by the Court simply because they do not fully complete the exam during the allocated 4 hour time period and often do not receive adequate points assessments because their written answers are weak, terminology deficient or simply are not legible.
  • Taking our simulated written examinations also provides you with useful information relating to topic areas that may warrant additional study.
  • 4 Hour Simulated Written Examination Sessions are pre-scheduled at intervals to enhance your progressive study.
  • Registrants are provided with an examination session dedicated log in.

Your goal is to pass the U.S. Tax Court’s examination,
our goal is to help you achieve this success!

4 Hour Simulated Written Examination Grading Assessment & Analysis Report

Studying and taking your own practice examinations are fantastic preparations, but critiquing one’s own work often leads to inadequate assessment.

  • Your 4-hour Simulated Written Examination Grading Assessment is completed by our USTCP instructors’ team and you receive a detailed Analysis Report.
  • The progressive assessment provides you with a valuable analysis of your formulated written answers and points assessment.

This information is instrumental to assist you to know areas of the examination that may warrant additional study, terminology improvements or changes to your writing style.

Self-Study materials are not eligible for continuing education credits.

SELF STUDY DIGITAL MATERIALS eBOOKs FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. See Refund Policy / Limited Exceptions    https://taxcourtexamclasses.com/refund-policy/

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May 7, 2020 PRESS RELEASE To mitigate risks and concerns related to COVID-19, today Chief Judge Foley issued Administrative Order No. 2020-01 postponing the November 2020 nonattorney examination to the fall of 2021.

Use this substantial opportunity to significantly advance YOUR Tax Professional Career!


LINK: U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Examination Procedures

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