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USTCP Online 12 Month Study Program

The Only 100% Online U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Examination Study Course!

Classes Begin August 12, 2020 and End August 11, 2021

Why Tax Fact’s Online 12 Month Study Course Is The Best In The Industry!

Learn How We Help YOU Overcome The Challenges:

Tax Facts Online Classes is a group internet-based program that is presented live, facilitated, and led by a team of USTCP instructors who have all previously diligently studied for the examination, mastered learning the rules applicable to the Court’s practices and case procedures, rules of evidence, and rules of professional responsibility that apply to practitioner counsels representing taxpayers subject to tax controversy cases before the Tax Court, they each have traveled to Washington, DC to take the 4 hour written the examination and PASSED to become United States Tax Court Practitioner counsels Admitted To The United States Tax Court Bar.

Tax Facts study programs meet all applicable standards and are designed to enhance the tax professional’s knowledge and understanding of Federal Tax, Federal Tax Related Matters, Federal Tax Ethics of the Internal Revenue Service as a Continuing Education Provider.

The online program and e-Book study materials are 100% green environmentally beneficial and eco-friendly preserving our environment’s resources.

Tax Fact’s group internet-based learning program is a comprehensive study program that is location convenient. Experience online training without the burden of travel expenses that is presented live and facilitated by USTCP instructors. Enjoy the benefits of learning all you need to know from the convenience of your home or office enabling you to study from anywhere using a computer or mobile device!

You learn directly from our team of USTCP instructors who are tax controversy representation cases experts whom each is in the trenches daily involved in tax cases resolutions!

Each USTCP instructor has directly experienced the learning challenges you face and are dedicated to helping YOU become successful!  

They provide you with 12 consecutive months of dedicated ongoing mentoring, structured guidance, written simulated examinations with progressive assessment and study accountability necessary to beat the odds!

To facilitate your learning process the program is developed, prepared, presented, and updated timely by our USTCP Development Team and instructors who are subject matter experts. These USTCP instructors are admitted to practice before The U.S. Tax Court and have the education, credentials, and experience to assist your learning process.

Study of Federal Tax Laws, Internal Revenue Service rules, regulations, and procedures strengthen the tax professional’s ability to represent taxpayers in Federal tax controversy matters consistent with the Internal Revenue Code and effective tax administration.

Study of The U.S. Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, and American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct further enhances the tax professional’s knowledge and professional ability to represent taxpayers in Federal tax controversy matters and helps prepare them with knowledge required to show their requisite qualifications to provide competent representation before the U.S. Tax Court when taking the U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Written Examination to become admitted to the U.S. Tax Court Bar.

The Continuing Education Program’s methodologies and learning objectives guide you through the learning process enhancing your skills with relevant knowledge that increases professional competency.



What Will You Learn?

We teach you the skills needed to:


Armed with these specialized skills you will be able to analyze each of the U.S. Tax Court examination questions, successfully identify the specific issues and formulate the correct answers necessary to achieve a 70% passing score on each part of the written examination administered by U.S. Tax Court.

Our USTCP instructors’ mentor and guide you through the learning and study process to condition and endurance train your brain and body for the stamina necessary to critically think without distraction or deterrence for the continual 4-hour period necessary to fully complete and successfully pass the written examination in fall 2021.

Embark on the first steps to enhance your taxation knowledge and expand your professional tax controversy representation services.

Our dynamic program is successful in preparing examinations candidates for these challenges.

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    12 Month Online Study Program

12 Month Online Comprehensive Study Program


  • Wednesday Evenings
  • 2 hour class sessions are held every other Wednesday
  • 6:00pm EST, 5:00pm CST, 4:00pm MST, 3:00pm PST.
  • Learn from any location with an internet connection
  • On your computer or mobile device

Includes All Study Course Materials:

  • 22 Online Live Webinar USTCP Instructor Led Class Sessions Including the B4 DC POWER REVIEW session
  • eBook Program Study Guides Parts 1 – 4
    With Lessons Videos


    • Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure
    • Substantive Tax Law
    • Federal Rules of Evidence
    • ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
      – Legal Ethics
  • eBook Program Prior Years Tax Court Exams
    2000 through 2018
  • Questions, Recommended Answers & Theory Parts 1 – 4
    • Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure
    • Substantive Tax Law
    • Federal Rules of Evidence
    • ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
      – Legal Ethics
  • 4 Online Simulation Written Examination 4 Hour Sessions
  • 4 Written Examination Grading Analysis Progressive Assessments
  • Mentoring
  • Structured Guidance
  • Progressive Study Assessment & Accountability
  • Online collaborative sessions directly with a USTCP instructor


Guarantee YOUR Success!

12 Month Online Classes Program Participants may be considered for full or reduced registration fees in the 2023 Online Classes Program if they do not pass the 2021 U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Written Examination, upon administrative review by the USTCP Development Team and the Participant’s Study Agreement. 

FREE  Continuing Professional Education Credits & Certificates of Completion:

Tax Professionals who meet specified requirements for attendance, participation, and completion of program requirements may qualify for Continuing Professional Education credits

 Certificates of Completion are provided to participants who satisfy requirements

  • Up to 60 Credit Hours for qualifying Tax Professionals Field of Study: Federal Tax Law Topics/Federal Tax Related Matters 46 CE, Field of Study: Federal Tax Ethics 14 CE

United States Tax Court Non-Attorney Written Examination in Washington, DC in fall 2021: Examination Fees, Personal Travel and Accommodations are not included in Tax Facts Tax Professionals Resolution Representation 2021 Group Internet-Based Program Registration Costs.

Payment Plans Are Available:

  • Registration Payment Plans are available with monthly ACH Electronic, Debit or Credit Card payments.
  • Payment plans are subject to 10% application and processing fee of $550.00.
  • Scheduled payments assurance of funds availability is your responsibility. Rejected, NSF or Late payments are subject to penalty fees.

Contact our Enrollment Specialists for Application Consideration: (202) 821-3764


Sponsorship Letters:

Upon passing The U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Written Examination each applicant for Admission To Practice Before Tax Court must be sponsored by at least two persons who have previously been Admitted To Practice  Before Tax Court.   Tax Court Rule 200(c)

Our USTCP instructors conduct qualifications interviews with qualifying participants for the submission of two sponsor letter recommendations.

In-depth Study Subject Areas Covered

The USTCP instructor-led online webinar tutorial program focuses on specific subject matter and materials that the United States Tax Court requires examination applicants to know so they can satisfy to the determination of the Court they possess the required qualifications to provide competent representation before the Court.

Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Tax Court Rules prescribe the jurisdiction of the Tax Court, includes specific requirements of the parties to the cases, procedural guidelines and disciplinary conduct processes of the Court. The course focuses on specific rules and amendments commonly tested by the Court including any pending rules applicable to the specific period. Examination candidates master the capacity to understand the rules as they apply to specific cases and to accurately apply the rules of the Court to those cases. Through in-depth study of the Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure, practitioners learn to determine tax matters of which the Court has jurisdiction and learn to recognize how the Court will “Rule” on specific matters before the Court as well as what the Court’s final judgment generally will be.

Substantive Tax Law

The Substantive Tax Law segment addresses complex federal taxation concepts commonly tested by the Court. Examination candidates master the capability to accurately apply federal taxation laws and perform complex written calculations to achieve correct answers relating to individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts tax matters.

 Federal Rules of Evidence

Specific Federal Rules of Evidence apply to United States Tax Court cases.

This segment focuses on these specific laws of evidence. Examination candidates master the ability to accurately identify and apply the evidentiary rules to typical small tax cases and regular tax cases before the U.S. Tax Court. Examination candidates master knowledge and application of these rules as they apply to the admission of evidence before the Court as well as objections to such admissions. Candidates are taught the IRAC format through extensive study of the FRE that has proven to substantially enhance the candidate’s capability to accurately formulate written answers on this section of the USTC examination.

Legal Ethics, Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar

The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct specifies the professional responsibilities of counsels. These rules are more complex than the professional responsibility rules that Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants are commonly familiar with. These laws are promulgated by the American Bar Association. The United States Tax Court has adopted these laws to regulate the conduct of counsels in cases before the Court. The consequences for violations of these laws, by counsels, could result in various disciplinary proceedings which may include censorship, suspensions, disbarment, civil penalty liabilities or criminal liabilities. Examination candidates master the knowledge of their professional responsibilities to the clients they serve, the Court and the legal profession.

U.S. Tax Court Cases and Trial Sessions

You are encouraged to routinely read Tax Court opinions and final decisions of the Court posted daily on the U.S. Tax Court website and attend U.S. Tax Court Calendar Call and Trial Sessions held in your local geographic area.

Our USTCP tax professionals know you will benefit significantly from realistic experiences enhancing your learning of actual Court procedure through direct observation.


Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based

No Advanced Preparation Required

Prerequisite: Licensed CPA or EA

Program Level: Advanced


Certificates of Completion are provided to participants who satisfy requirements

  • Up to 60 Credit Hours for qualifying Tax Professionals Field of Study: Federal Tax Law Topics/Federal Tax Related Matters 46 CE, Field of Study: Federal Tax Ethics 14 CE

If applicable, CPAs, attorneys, and others licensed by state boards/ organizations should check with their respective boards/ organizations to determine if credit applies toward their continuing education requirements.


Tax Court Exam

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

CPAs and EAs

May 17, 2021 PRESS RELEASE U.S. Tax Court announced the examination for admission to practice before the Court will be held remotely on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Travel to DC will not be required. Court will provide exam application August 1, 2021.

Use this substantial opportunity to significantly advance YOUR Tax Professional Career!


Online Classes

Tax Court Exam Classes

Tax Facts USTCP Comprehensive
12 Month Online Study Program

Enrollment is limited and closes when classes are full.

Classes Begin
August 12, 2020

Update: All Classes Full Enrollment Closed

Self Study Options

Self Study

Content rich eBook Study Guides and Prior Years Tax Court Exams Questions, Recommended Answers and Theory will enhance your self study experience.

Tax Court Exam Study

The USTCP Development Team shares sample rules, prior years exams questions, recommended answers and theory for the answers along with various study tips suggestions and relevant cases for tax professionals thinking about engaging in more intensive studies in preparation to take the Tax Court Exam.


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